I’m in my 6th season as a coach’s wife and still learning to love the game(s) of football  (American and soccer).

I have two amazing boys that keep me on the edge of sanity, and in my “spare” time I am a school librarian.

I love Jesus, my family, friends, telling stories through photography, thrifty finds, and can be easily bribed with chocolate, coffee, or travel.

Why “The Lumpy Place?” As a child, I used to play under three shade trees in my front yard, and it was uneven ground–rocky, little grass–I christened the area The Lumpy Place. I can recall playing there for hours–digging in the dirt, dreaming up wild stories and playing with sisters and friends. As I grew, I would sometimes just go sit under the trees at The Lumpy Place in order to be still and alone with my God, my thoughts, and prayers. I want this blog to be a place where I can imagine great things, jot down sweet memories, or just process my thoughts and prayers, so welcome to The Lumpy Place!


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