Make a Move

Make a Move 300

Coming October 1st! {#write31days}

Introducing an attempt at posting a blog entry for 31 days straight! (Hopefully, this goes better than some of the 365’s or 52’s challenges I’ve done. {insert shameful emoji here})

Day One: Make a Move (in 16 days!)

Day Two: Our House (in the middle of the street)

Day Three: Exceedingly Abundantly (best. promise. ever.)

Day Four: Izzy (our dog may be “moving” soon)

Day Five: Do The Next Thing (a poem to live by)

Day Six: Cry Me a River (in which I dump my emotions)

Day Seven:Pinterest Saves The Day! (really, it does!) 

Day Eight: Wherever (Jim Elliot) 

Day Nine: Gripe or Grateful (this is a difficult choice!)

Day Ten: In Mourning (allow me to cry my eyes out)

Day Eleven: Let’s DO This! (MAKE A MOVE)

Day Twelve: Up-Hill (a poem of encouragement)

Day Thirteen: And then my heart broke (toddler transitions are HARD)

Day Fourteen: Best. Husband. Ever. (although he’ll hate these pictures)

Day Fifteen: Home (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Day Sixteen: I Get by With a Little Help From my Friends (or a lot of help)

Day Seventeen: Things Don’t Always Go As Planned (like never)

Day Eighteen: These Walls (memories)

Day Nineteen: Have Faith in God (a hymn of trust) 

Day Twenty: The BEST Dog Ever (in all the history of all the world)

Day Twenty-One: Blockhead (nothing much here)

Day Twenty-Two: He Knows (a song worth singing)

Day Twenty-Three: When the poop hits the fan (and it did!)

Day Twenty-Four: Back in the Saddle Again (buy our house!)

Day Twenty-Five: Two Weeks Later (it feels like two months!) 

Day Twenty-Six: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (a hymn)

Day Twenty-Seven: When in Doubt, Cook! (seriously!)

Day Twenty-Eight: Just keep swimming (swimming, swimming)

Day Twenty-Nine: The Age-Long Minute (a poem)

Day Thirty: What I’m Learning (it’s not easy)

Day Thirty-One: To Be Continued…


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