A Summary…because I’m a slacker.

I’m trying to recall Week 3. I know I didn’t go to the game–no babysitting offers, and not enough bravery to tackle attending on my own with the littles. According to our Google Docs Family Calendar, the Redskins played at Seminole. I know they lost, making them 2-1. I believe the boys and I played outside a lot that evening. I’ll have to drum up some cute pics, because I’m sure I took some!

Week 4 was a home game against Glenpool that I wanted to attend, but again had no babysitting offers and didn’t want to ask Megan since it was her birthday. The boys and I had more quality time together, and I have absolutely no clue if we won or lost…SLACKER of a coach’s wife for sure! I’m thinking they lost. 

Week 5 was the night before Junk Hippy –that’s a whole blog entry on it’s own. The boys of fall creamed Santa Fe South on the road, and I supported from home. I spent all day at the fairgrounds setting up for JH, and would be gone the next day, so I didn’t want to leave the boys for a game that we knew the outcome. 

Week 6 I finally got to attend an entire game from National Anthem to the handshakes. And yes, I arrived early enough to hear the National Anthem. Hudson went with me, and we had some quality cuddle time. The Redskins beat Tecumseh in their homecoming game, and my baby slept the entire 2nd half! He is NOTHING like his older brother! I may have been a little bored in the 3rd quarter but don’t tell. 

Week 7 was an away game in Timbuktu, otherwise known as Manford. To top it off, it was on a Thursday night, Rusty didn’t get home until 2:22 am, and I barely slept before then because BOTH boys were in bed with me! They had a hard loss–42 to 37. It’s bad enough to lose. It’s even worse to lose and then have a 2 hour bus ride home. 

Week 8 was relaxing in a way. I left both boys in the trusty hands of the Danker-Pearce clan, and met Dad at Douglass High School to watch a close, but disappointing loss. The final score was 13-7, and we really could have beat them. (I’m not just saying that, because I know a lot of people say things like that after losses.) Driving to the game, I could see the lights of the stadium in the distance and I was reminded of how much I have really grown to love the actual game of football, and not just because my husband loves it. Weird. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined actually being eager to get to a football field and watch a bunch of boys in tights clobber each other over an odd-shaped pigskin ball. Overall, our team stands at 4-4, and we must win the next two in order to make playoffs….here’s hoping!


Single-mommin’ it! (and a Week 2 summary)

So it’s Week 7 of Football Season, and obviously I haven’t kept up with anything here. It’s hard enough to keep children fed, bathed, somewhat injury-free, laundry clean, dishes and meals done, bills paid, and find time to shower and pee (hopefully alone, but not likely). Not to mention my other full-time job and my current hobby/obsession of learning as much about photography as possible. Week 2 was spend at a wedding rehearsal and dinner. The Mighty Mighty Redskins won? I’m honestly not 100% sure as I was so wrapped up in the craziness that was that weekend. Here’s a few images that sum up my Week 2 “game day:”


Pops showing off his hops. 

Perhaps the coolest part of the wedding (aside from Ms. Darlene’s chocolate truffles). 
I love their expressions–pretty true-to-life over the past few months of wedding prep. 

Look at those adorable faces. One would NOT be adorable on the wedding day!

And that’s my Week 2 summary. I was not a supportive football wife that week AT ALL. Thankful that it all went somewhat smoothly, and our family still is willing to see each other at funerals, holidays, and other weddings.