Single-mommin’ it! (and a Week 2 summary)

So it’s Week 7 of Football Season, and obviously I haven’t kept up with anything here. It’s hard enough to keep children fed, bathed, somewhat injury-free, laundry clean, dishes and meals done, bills paid, and find time to shower and pee (hopefully alone, but not likely). Not to mention my other full-time job and my current hobby/obsession of learning as much about photography as possible. Week 2 was spend at a wedding rehearsal and dinner. The Mighty Mighty Redskins won? I’m honestly not 100% sure as I was so wrapped up in the craziness that was that weekend. Here’s a few images that sum up my Week 2 “game day:”


Pops showing off his hops. 

Perhaps the coolest part of the wedding (aside from Ms. Darlene’s chocolate truffles). 
I love their expressions–pretty true-to-life over the past few months of wedding prep. 

Look at those adorable faces. One would NOT be adorable on the wedding day!

And that’s my Week 2 summary. I was not a supportive football wife that week AT ALL. Thankful that it all went somewhat smoothly, and our family still is willing to see each other at funerals, holidays, and other weddings.  


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