Epic Parenting Quote #2

cowAhh, bedtime routines with a three-year old Master Negotiator. {Seriously, the thought has already crossed my mind that when he grows up, he’ll be the guy on the phone with someone talking them through a hostage situation.} The hubby and I joke about Stall Tactics, but it’s only a joke to keep from losing our mind. Our Negotiator’s favorite Stall Tactics include pooping, reading about Jesus, and my personal favorite, praying…hard to say no to that one. Of course, he’s always suddenly starving or thirsty even though he’s turned away half his dinner. He also is more eager to read at bedtime than any other time as well.

When I saw this post from Glennon at Momastery, I couldn’t help but relate! It’s possible that someday I’ll miss all the interruptions and not having to convince a Master Negotiator that there isn’t a monster or cow in his room (btw, he mooed quietly before crying to me about a cow scaring him), but for now, I’d just like him to go to sleep without hearing 371 different Stall Tactics.


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