Day 1: Make a Move {#write31days}

We MOVE in sixteen days! Sixteen days! {and I’m currently singing Ah, Freak Out!} I’m fairly certain the next two weeks will F L Y by. We will FINALLY make a move. I am, to be perfectly candid, slightly freaking out. The idea that what we have been planning and hoping for for at least a year is finally coming to fruition is scary, overwhelming, and exciting all at the same time. I wrote previously that one of our goals this year was to MOVE! As a “to-do” list kinda girl, anytime I can check something off my list–whether it’s a task or  goal–I get excited!

Over the last three months, I’ve kept Ecclesiastes 3:11 in my mind, and I also kept going back to something I read from @intentionalhome on Instagram :

“Sometimes the time that passes between the conception of a dream and the birth of it feels hopeless….[BUT] the TRUTH is that God’s GREATEST works often happen in the waiting. Maybe not outward ones, but definitely ones of the heart….there is as much purpose in this in-between as there will be when I see it all finally unfold…This waiting room is something He designed. For me. For a purpose. GREATER THAN MY OWN. And I can rest in that. Rest in HIM. And REST IN HIS PERFECT TIMING.”


 #Write31days is going to be a challenge–and I want that. I want this to be an opportunity to make writing more of a habit. For the next 31 days, I plan on using this space to spotlight real life selling-a-home-packing-moving-making-a-new-house-home tips. {Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all that.} I also openly admit that this will at times become a place of processing my thoughts, possible venting, and maybe cutsie graphics. 🙂

Feel free to follow along and tell me any and all your packing tips and tricks!!! I need LOTS of suggestions as this is the first move we’ll be making with two littles!


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