Day 14: Best. Husband. Ever {#write31days}

I’m going to brag on my man.

He works hard. Really hard. He spends countless hours teaching and coaching students, and the few spare moments he has, he’s devoting to his wife and boys. He worked SO hard this past weekend–coaching a rain delayed game until 11:00pm, home around 12:30 am, and up the next morning by 7 am to get ready for our move.

move that truck

sleepy man

In the last two weeks, he has repeatedly shown me how appreciative he is of all the work I’ve done to get our things packed and prepped for the move–I even got a sweet card and dark chocolate. While those meant a lot, it was small things like bringing me hot mustard and a really BIG thing like missing a JV game because his wife is “emotional and overwhelmed.” I love him. He is my calm, and I really don’t know what I’d do without him.

P.S. He’d hate these pictures, but they capture a few fun memories of our move.


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