Day 21: Blockhead {#write31days}

I’ve hit a wall. A large brick one. It seems I have a combination of writer’s block/I-don’t-care-anymore/laziness/stress/exhausted/how-many-more-boxes-could-we-possibly-have?!?

It is Day 21 of Write 31 Days, and I can honestly say I am SHOCKED that I haven’t missed a day. If I hadn’t committed to this and kept up with others in our FB group, I wouldn’t bother to write today. Today would be a day to miss. It’s an “I really don’t have anything to say” kind of day, but I’m committed. I’m going to write for 31 days straight. I refuse to miss this late in the game.

SO, day 21–NOTHING earth shattering. NOTHING important. NOTHING worth nothing, BUT I am writing. So, day 21 is done.

This totally counts, right?


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