Good Things

In no particular order…things I’ve found on the glorious interwebs that I like, love, agree with, want, inspire me, etc.

This recipe is delish and super easy! My man approved as well. I made it a little too spicy for the boys, but that could  be adjusted.

Ruth Simons is not someone I know personally, but I so admire her! Her Instagram feed and blog are some of my absolute favorites. This post was just the reminder I needed after a REALLY rough, full of parenting fails day.

Just finished reading this book, (gotta keep up with all the great YA novels). I’d give it four out of five stars…pretty good mix of mystery, romance, and coming of age stuff.

Reading through this book as well, although admittedly I can finish a YA novel much quicker. My mom gave it to me, and it was pretty good timing to say the least…my almost four year old is proving to be as immovable as a mountain some days. I haven’t decided how much of the book I am in agreement with…

This is what’s for supper  tonight…saves me in a quick fix and great for church nights when we are in a rush.

And finally, my sister who is also an educator sent me this article recently, and it’s sad, but true…it touches on a big part of why I transitioned from the classroom to the library.


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