Kids Were Here, Vol. 1

Kids Were Here, Vol. 1

I’m starting something new for 2014–a blog circle with a lovely group of fellow ClickinMoms! Each month we are posting images that show a small glimpse of life with kids and the various things they leave in their {sometimes messy} wake. At our house these images conjure up a mix of emotions–gratitude for the little hands that leave these treasures behind, and if I’m being honest, frustration. I’m not gonna lie, there are some days that I feel like all I do is pick up after people or move messes from one spot to another. Anyone else relate to this?

Here’s a small treasure that I found when I pulled back the covers on my bed one evening…I know while frustrating at times, someday I’ll miss finding little cars laying under blankets. Now to see some more fun signs of kids, check out Sara’s post at Love, Times Two.


2 thoughts on “Kids Were Here, Vol. 1

  1. Love it! And I completely agree. They’re cute, but the messes are a full time job. I’m just trying to remember I’ll miss stepping on those legos someday, right? 🙂

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