Kids Were Here, Vol. 5

I love this image because it reminds me of how my little guy is becoming a bit of a “neat freak,” (you’ll not hear me complaining). Every time he finishes a drink from his faithful Camelbak, he puts the straw back down…unlike his parents or older brother.

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Kids Were Here, Vol. 4

We spent Friday¬†evening at a lovely chippy-paint park. We were headed to the car, and thankfully, I glanced back to see a pair of blue shoes and a trusted companion sitting on a picnic table. Check out Charity’s post to see more Kids Were Here photos!


Kids Were Here, Vol. 3

This photo is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s a small glimpse into the current disarray that is my home. I was gone for the past two days on a girls shopping trip, so Dadda and the boys were left to themselves. Now I have an AMAZING husband. He’s a wonderful father, but it’s a known fact that if momma is away the boys will play and leave LOTS of messes. For some reason, my hair dryer had been lugged out to the living room floor along with a wooden spoon, original artwork, and a bazillion other toys and random things…

Momma's been away...

Momma’s been away…

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Kids Were Here, Vol. 2

I have been in a “February Slump.” I tend to go all out in January–cleaning, organizing, cooking every. night. Then about the time of the husband’s birthday in February, I have no energy or motivation to do anything. To top it off, soccer season starts, and I really get behind. I don’t think I picked up my camera from January 29th until February 7th (and those were only obligatory family get-together shots). I realize that’s not very long, but when you’ve signed up for a P52, blog circle, and KNOW you should be practicing shooting DAILY in order to improve, it gets daunting. SO, I may be a few weeks behind in the P52. SO, I may have fifty or so pictures that would work for KWH, but need to be edited. SO, I may have a few loads of laundry in the washer, dryer, and waiting to be put away.

Thankfully, last weekend was a three day weekend for me, and the weather was perfect for playing outside. I managed to get a few images I love of the boys, and when I went out to get some shoes that were left outside, I found a few cars and trucks stuck in the dirt and mud…someday I’ll have a perfectly manicured yard that isn’t littered with toys, but for now I’m grateful for the mess that is our backyard.

KWH2web KWHweb

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Kids Were Here, Vol. 1

Kids Were Here, Vol. 1

I’m starting something new for 2014–a blog circle with a lovely group of fellow ClickinMoms! Each month we are posting images that show a small glimpse of life with kids and the various things they leave in their {sometimes messy} … Continue reading