Day 7: Pinterest Saves the Day {#write31days}

I wish I could take credit for all the packing tips I’m using, but alas, I’ve stolen 99.9% of them off of Pinterest. I think Pinterest should adopt the slogan, “Pinterest Saves Lives.” I used to believe Art Saves Lives, now, I’m choosing Pinterest.

This board has been a handy dandy source of tips, tricks, and o-my-goodness-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?!?! ideas.

Today, I plan on pulling trashbags up over most of our clothes. I’m also using a pretty handy labeling system (paper and duct tape–yes, I’m an Okie) and keeping track of it all in a spreadsheet….more on that in another post perhaps.

If you have any of your own packing tips, I’d LOVE to hear them!


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