Day 27: When in doubt, cook {#write31days}

Soooooo, obviously if anyone read the intro and first few posts of this series, they are probably asking “where are the tips and tricks for moving?” I’ll be honest. I don’t have many. The few I have:

1. Label, label, label, then label some more. (more on that later)

2. Pinterest (it saves lives or at least some ideas to make things easier)

3. As soon as possible, start cooking!

#3 came as a huge surprise to me, and it’s nothing that anyone mentioned to me when I asked for advice/wisdom/encouragement in our 31 Days FB group. I will admit for the first week and a half after we moved, I avoided cooking like the plague. The LAST thing I wanted to do was fumble through a kitchen trying to find things–I couldn’t remember WHERE we put the Ziplocs for crying out loud! How could I possibly find a measuring spoon?!?! However, since we found out that our house had to go BACK on the market, we are obviously not eating out, so cooking became a bit of a necessity. Also, one can only eat so many packages of shells-n-cheese….

Oddly enough, I think that having meals the last few days together has made our new house feel more like home. There’s something about cooking in a kitchen and then offering the results to family that makes things homey. Certainly, they haven’t been fancy meals–one was a “picnic” in our backyard, and some were on plastic plates, nonetheless, I’m starting to feel at home in my kitchen and the entire house altogether.



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