Day 30: What I’m Learning {#write31days}

It’s amazing what one can do without when it’s necessary. If you had told me a month ago that we would be CHOOSING to live without internet and TV during FOOTBALL season, I would’ve laughed at you and said you were insane.

Once we found out our house was going to have to be put back on the market, we decided to give up some things–fast food, internet, TV, random shopping, and those pesky Target trips where I go in for three things and somehow come out with twenty. I thought it would be hard, and if I’m being honest, the most difficult time for me is my drive to work, when I’d like to grab a sausage biscuit or a burrito, but other than that, it’s been fairly easy. We don’t NEED the junk fast food that is so easily accessible, the boys are PLAYING more without TV, and I’m bringing less unnecessary stuff into our home.

It’s also forced us to get a little more creative–more of our birthday and Christmas gifts will probably be homemade, which requires more thought and effort, but less dollars. The boys “needed” costumes for Halloween and our church’s Trunk or Treat. In the past, I would’ve turned to Amazon Prime, and that was tempting. Instead though, I got creative–borrowed some of their daddy’s hats and whistles, Lolli gave us some iron on letters, and costumes were made!

Meet the three cutest coaches I know!

trunk or treat collage



I have no doubt that until our house sells, things will be difficult, but perhaps we’ll continue being stretched and learn more about what is most important.

Also, my almost-two-year-old is NOT a fan of sitting still for photos. 😉


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