Day 31: To be continued…{#write31days}

This is NOT AT ALL how I planned this month to end. I assumed, I’d have grand pictures of a splendidly decorated home, along with tutorials and tips about how our move was a smooth success. Instead, I have a home STILL on the market, walls that are bare, and no handy-dandy tutorials.

What I DO have though is faith that my God is still on His throne, and He knows when our house will sell. I also know that our new house is slowly but surely coming together and feeling like HOME. I know I have a husband who is willing to sacrifice (no TV during Football Season is HUGE!), and I have two precious boys who will forever be my “home.” We have parents who are willing to bring us their leftovers and help in little ways without saying they’re “helping.”

So instead of a grand, “the end of the make a move series,” I am ending this with a “to be continued”…I don’t know what the rest of our “moving” story holds. I don’t know when the house will sell, and I honestly don’t know how we are going to afford Christmas gifts and goodies for our family and friends, but we will Do The Next Thing, and when it works out. WHEN our home sells, WHEN we are able to give gifts (probably made by hand), WHEN the walls are splendidly decorated, we WILL give all the glory to God.


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