Perspective…with a dash of Hope!

I rarely talk about my job–I’m a school librarian, and I LOVE it. I will openly admit that I don’t work NEARLY as hard as I did as a classroom teacher, but I still get the joy of being around great students, teachers, and teaching the things I love–literature, research, technology, and general information skills. One of the things I’m thankful for about my work is the perspective it gives me. There are some days I come to school stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed with all the things that come from being a wife, mom, and still working full-time. Then, I’ll talk to some of my students or hear stories from a teacher, and my life suddenly becomes a cake-walk. I don’t have it HALF as hard as some of “my kids.” I have a great support system, and I have HOPE. HOPE that anchors my soul. HOPE in Jesus Christ.

Speaking of HOPE, we have had some encouragement on the home front! We got a call from our realtor recently that our buyers have a new contract on their home! It’s with a local bank and known lender this time–thankful! If their inspection and appraisal go smoothly, they’ll close at the end of November, which means we will close shortly after! My prayer is that we can also close before December–it’ll make the holidays less of a stress.

It’s amazing to me how one phone call from a realtor or one story from a student can change my perspective and remind me about the HOPE that I have.


3 thoughts on “Perspective…with a dash of Hope!

  1. Would love to hear more about your job as a librarian (I am an English Teacher/Reading Specialist and am starting to consider the switch to librarian)…what are your favorite kinds of programs that you run? Big goals you hope to accomplish this school year?

    • Amanda,
      I’m in a high school library, so we focus a lot more on research skills than reading. I do miss seeing young kids who LOVE reading–those are much fewer at the high school level it seems. I do love that we work a lot with teachers and helping them incorporate technology, but I wish more of my job involved booktalks, reading, and less testing. I’m wondering how much of this varies from state to state though…perhaps it would be different for you? Will you have to return to school or just take a test to make the switch? I had to get my masters, but I loved that!

      • I have my Master’s Degree in Literacy, Language, and Instruction (on top of an English Education undergraduate degree) so I think I would have to take library-focused classes to an extent. I have taught in both high and elementary schools and I totally agree with how vastly different a librarian’s position is at the different levels. Will be picking your brain in the future.. 🙂

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