It’s the most (crazy) wonderful time of the year…

Cannon’s birthday–check


Ginormous get-together with the husband’s fam–Friday

Games, decking the halls, food with my fam–Black Friday Night

Hudson’s birthday–oh, yeah? Kinda need to get on that! I at least thought ahead to design some invites. Too bad, I have to pay a whopping amount for shipping just to get them here in a WEEK. So much for inviting people 2 weeks ahead of time. At least they turned out cute:



On my baby turning 3

Well today my first born is three years old. I’m going in a corner to cry now.

Actually, I’ve already cried. The hardest days to go to work are birthdays and those in-between are they sick or not days. I always have grand ideas–lots of balloons in the floor of his room for when he wakes up, candles in some pancakes, rent a fun new movie, cuddle and enjoy the day. Instead, I’m monitoring computer screens, teenagers, and researching political propaganda resources for teachers. (Today didn’t help that I overslept. Staying up until 1 am no longer works for me.)

On a positive note, my baby is 3! He’s potty-trained, can feed himself, be left alone in a room or bath tub (for the most part), and he’s one of the greatest sources of joy in my life. We have hard days, but he puts so many smiles on my face. I told him a couple days ago that he was going to be THREE. He said, “No, Momma, I not three, I Cannon.” 🙂 I love my smart boy. The best part of my day so far was when he came to grab my leg and asked, “hold me, momma?” He’s getting pretty big to hold, but I plan on saying yes to that question as long as possible. No matter how late I am.

Happy 3rd birthday to my red-headed, ever-moving, passionate, full-of-life baby!